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Delivering the best AI powered chatbots!

Our chatbots Virtual agents capable of engaging a conversation with a human, like a human by understanding natural language are state of the art agents capable of providing excellent customer experiences, by understanding natural language, by doing RESTful APIApplication Programming Interface that delivers data in a stateless mode called REST endpoint transactions and by collecting huge amounts of data.

Chatbots are amazing, but...

Being highly customized pieces of software, acquiring chatbots is complex, due to the astonisihing diversity of offerings, prices, procedures, times... It's hard to organize offerings by comparable categories, as we are used to do as shoppers.

Meet Digitai's ChatbotsCustom chatbots made easy to acquire, train and deploy.. Easy to acquire and deploy customized chatbots.

Our commitment is to lower the barriers of acquiring chatbots by offering customizable chatbots that can be stackedcoupled with one or more Chatbots. with capabilities, deployed, updated and upgraded in ultra fast times.

By doing so, we are lowering time, risk and costs associated with a chatbot procurement.

Digitai's Chatbots

Our ChatbotsCustom chatbots made easy to acquire, train and deploy. are specialized virtual workers that excel performing one task, like FAQ, tracking, surveying, opening tickets and scheduling.

Chatbots are capable of delivering succesful conversational experiences, conversionalizing your brand and capturing essential data about customers intents.

Chatbots main features are:

  • Artificial Intelligence powered by the great AI API's available.
  • Capable of processing and understanding natural language.
  • Each Chatbot has a deep learning model so it's always learning and improving.
  • Each Chatbot is enabled to make CRUD requests on any public API.
  • Analytics are default to each Chatbot. User engagement generates analytical dashboards.
  • Chatbot are capable of delivering Rich Media responses, like text, images, video, audio, documents, links.
  • All traffic is encrypted over TLS v1.2+.
  • Chatbots can be stacked destacked in order to augment it's functionality.
  • Chatbots are able to send notifications: email, SMS, Messages.
  • Chatbots can operate on any website, native app, Telegram, Slack, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Alexa, Echo, Line, Twilio, Viber, Spark, Skype, Kik, and digital telephony.

  • Custom Made chatbot
  • Non standardized offer.
  • High initial cost
  • Many hours on design, approval, corrections
  • Long time to get the final product: more than 20 days
  • Slow updates on security and performance
  • Monolithic acquisition with slow and expensive upgrades
  • Complex inclusion or removal of new features
  • Analytics? pay more!
  • Digitai Chatbot
  • Low initial cost
  • Delivered in four (4) days
  • Fast changes, three (3) days
  • Always Updated performace
  • Always Updated security
  • Stackable Features (Lego™ like)
  • Advanced features: Analytics, CRUD, TLS encryption, RTR
  • Convenient acquisition model

Chatbots AI

Chatbots are connected to a Natural Language Understanding API, meaning a third party service that uses Artificial Intelligence to perform comprehension of human natural language in some pre trained languages. Chatbots also send CRUDCreate, Read, Update, Delete. Database operations, normalized as REST verbs. requests, notifications and store user behavior to deliver powerful Conversational Intents.

Chatbots are connected to NLU API's, like Google Language. Chatbots at Digitai NLU

How do I acquire a Chatbot?

To deploy a Chatbot, it must be trained as you like it to respond customers intents. Our process is agile:

  • First things first: Pay.
  • Fill the required data, mostly related to your chatbot.
  • Give us three days to train your Hobot.
  • At day fourth, copy and paste the given code and your Hobot is operational.

Ok, let's meet a real life Hobot!. Lucas, our Sales Lead Chatbot.

Or let's check a Dashboard!.